Admissions 2022/23

7th December 2020

Consultation on proposed changes to the published admission number (PAN) and over-subscription criteria for Henlow Church of England Academy, with effect from September 2022.

Consultation Period: 7th December 2020 - 29th January2021

Specific Proposal

The Governing Body at Henlow Church of England Academy propose that:

  1. The PAN at Henlow Church of England Academy will be reduced to 0 for entry into year five in September 2022.
    This is to assist the area wide transition to a two tier model of education. Entry into year 7 will commence in September 2023 with a PAN of 150.

  1. The over-subscription criteria relating to faith will be expanded to be inclusive of all faiths and not just Church of England.

The consultation is for the attention of:

  1. Parents of children at the school currently and in the surrounding area;

  2. Other persons in the area who have an interest in the proposed arrangements;

  3. All other admission authorities within the local area;

  4. The local authority; and

  5. Adjoining neighbouring local authorities.

You are invited to submit comments in writing about the proposal to the governing body by emailing

The consultation will end at 5pm on Friday 29th January 2021. Please send any comments regarding these proposed changes before that time.

Following the consultation period the Governing Body will consider any comments received and how to proceed.  Admission arrangements for September 2022 will be determined by 26th February 2021 and published on the Local Authority website and the school website by 26th March 2021. Any subsequent objections after publication should be made to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator by 15th May 2021.