Curriculum Overview

The Curriculum at Henlow Church of England Academy is designed to meet the needs of all children and provide for the full range of abilities. It has been carefully constructed to ensure that pupils encounter a balanced and wide range of learning experiences, as well as accommodating the requirements of the National Curriculum.
Lessons are vibrant and challenge students to think ‘outside the box’, beyond the limits of academic success. We emphasise rigour and a love of learning and are as impressed by a stimulating musical performance or a courageous piece of art as we are by a brilliant essay or the solving of a complex mathematical equation.

The subjects that we teach are English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Textiles, Design Technology (which includes Food Technology), French, Geography, History, Computing, Music, Personal Social Health & Citizenship Education, Physical Education and Religious Education.

We consider it reasonable to assume that parents who send their children here are sympathetic to the Christian character of the School. Religious Education is taught on an non denominational basis. Parents may withdraw their child from such education by making a request in writing.
If you have any questions regarding our curriculum please email
"The pupils have been taught the value of collaboration and support for each other and were spontaneous in their support for each other’s learning. This was impressive and enabled many pupils to make greater progress in their lessons." 
Ofsted 2018