Carbon Neutral Certification

In the UK, businesses account for over 85% of total Green House Gas (GHG) emissions - making corporate action the number one priority in helping stop climate change. Looking to do our part for the environment, Henlow Church of England Academy engaged with Carbon Neutral Britain in November 2023, with the ambition to measure and offset the total organisation emissions - to become Carbon Neutral.
Seven Greenhouse Gases are calculated, known as the seven Kyoto Protocol GHGs. These gasses occur the most often as a result of business activities, with the highest Global Warming Potential. For the purposes of emissions reporting, these gases are simplified and measured in the unit of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO₂e).
In February 2024, Henlow Church of England Academy offset their carbon footprint to become certified as a Carbon Neutral School by Carbon Neutral Britain. As certification awarded by an external organisation, it provides assurance that the carbon neutral claim is robust and credible, following calculation using the ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standard principles of relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency and accuracy.
IPCC studies (and COP discussions) have highlighted the importance of organisations making a difference in the next 5 years before changes to the climate are irreversible, and by Carbon Offsetting and becoming Carbon Neutral, Henlow Church of England Academy is proactively doing its part for the planet now - when it is the most important.
In addition to Carbon Offsetting and Carbon Neutral status - Henlow Church of England Academy will  continue to take further action to reduce its future emissions - as much as practically possible. By reducing all avoidable emissions to zero - the school will achieve Net Zero status.
"By accurately measuring, offsetting and committing to annually reduce emissions 7.14% by 2030, Henlow Church of England Academy is not only Carbon Neutral, but in alignment with both Science Based and UK Government targets for Carbon Emissions Reductions''
James Poynter Director - Carbon Neutral Britain