Christian Vision, Aims & Objectives

Our Christian Vision

‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’  John 10:10

We seek to create a harmonious community in which the individual is valued and is given every opportunity to fulfil their potential in terms of pastoral, emotional and intellectual growth; thus enabling them to live successfully in an increasingly demanding and ever-changing world.
Our Aims & Objectives

Our broad aim is to provide opportunity for self development and self fulfilment for the children here, to enable them to realise their full potential.

To be more specific, however, this School seeks to pass on to each new generation of children the knowledge, skills, ideas, attitudes and values which are judged necessary to make it possible to live - and live well - in our society. Societies change, however, and in our modern times they change quickly. It follows then that we need to provide not only experiences which enable children to grasp the essentials of this world as it is, but also experiences which will make them ready to fulfil themselves in a world which is likely to be different from today's.

Therefore, the School stands not only for tradition and conformity, but also for the future and a willingness to accept, and at times stimulate fresh thoughts and ideas.