Henlow PE & Sport #LetsGoHenlow 

Our Physical Education Department is dedicated to shaping well-rounded individuals with a passion for physical activity and holistic health. Our core aims reflect our commitment to your child’s development:

1. High Levels of Physical Activity: We believe in the power of movement. Through engaging classes and dynamic activities, we ensure your child stays active, promoting a lifelong love for fitness.

2. Exposure to an Extensive Range of Activities: We nurture curiosity and self-discovery. By exposing students to a diverse array of sports and physical pursuits, we empower them to find their interests and embrace healthy, active lifestyles.

3. Holistic Health Education: Beyond sport, we emphasise the importance of physical, mental, and social health. Your child will gain valuable knowledge about their body and learn how a balanced approach to wellness can lead to a happier life.

4. Clear Pathways to Examination PE: We provide a structured path for those who want to excel academically in PE, offering guidance and support to achieve their goals.

5. Vibrant Extra-Curricular Program: Our extracurricular activities cater to both performance and enjoyment. Students can join clubs and teams aligned with their interests, enhancing their skills while having fun.

6. Opportunities in Competitive Sports: For budding athletes, we offer a variety of competitive sports opportunities. From teamwork to leadership, our programs instil valuable life skills.