Art & Textiles at Henlow gives all students the opportunity to express themselves through a range of creative outlets. We enjoy exploring ideas, art history and having fun through developing skills in a wide range of media from drawing to painting, paper collage to digital manipulation and sketchbooks to 3D clay sculptures. Our wealth of expertise, varied equipment and brimming enthusiasm allow students to explore their own creativity.

At Henlow we study Art to inspire personal expression, foster curiosity of the world around us and explore our imagination whilst engaging with different cultures and historical events. We provide everyone with opportunities to question, critique and make their own creative decisions. Art and textiles enrich students’ school experience through developing  visual learning and problem solving skills. Thinking visually encourages students to take greater note of the world around them. Students are not restricted to the acquisition of knowledge, words or numbers but are encouraged look at things from different perspectives. Developing their own artworks through decision making allows students to decide how they choose to present themselves to world around them.

At GCSE students have the option to continue their Art journey on the AQA course. In Year 10 we explore a range of techniques and influences gradually developing students' skills to work on increasingly independent projects. We study a range of artists from historical significant to experimental and contemporary practitioners. In Year 11 students continue to develop unique and meaningful creative journey through a short project and their ESA culminating in a ten hour final artwork to be proud of.

We are excited to show you what our students have created in the art department!