Are you interested in running or managing a business in the future? You will learn how you could start your own business and how key decisions are made within businesses. There are lots of real life examples based upon current business headlines and case studies.

Business Studies gives great knowledge of what it’s like to work in a business and the factors that go into making a business successful or not. The great thing about business studies is that it’s universal - the terms and concepts don’t differ depending on who or where you are! You’ll also learn a lot of transferable skills, like leadership or how to be a team player. 

Doing a Business Studies GCSE is also a great way to improve your employability skills. In every business there will be different departments doing wildly different things, but having a good understanding of how a business functions means you can look at the business as a whole. 

GCSE Business will  prepare any student for the world of work/post 16 studies. It is an excellent basis for A Level Business/Economics and an  exciting insight into the dynamic world of business.