Guide to Revision

Revision Guides

To support students and parents with revision we have put together a series of short video clips explaining how the brain works, how we remember and then detailing strategies to help make knowledge stick.

The series of seven video clips are:

  1. demystifying revision 

  2. desirable difficulties 

  3. how we learn 

  4. marginal gains 

  5. automaticity 

  6. creating the best environment 

  7. how to take notes 

To further support students the school shop is selling a range of revision materials at cost price.

Additionally Mrs Sharp is opening her classroom (room 203) for self and small group revision each Thursday lunchtimes.  Students can receive support with:

  • planning their study timetable

  • planning their study sessions

  • creating flashcards

  • taking Cornell notes

Alternatively students can enjoy a quiet space to:

  • complete a study session 

If you would like any further information please contact Mrs Sharp at