Food and Nutrition

Are you a budding foodie? Are you constantly coming up with new flavour combinations that make your taste buds tingle? Are you interested in learning how what food we eat affects how we feel? 

In today's health-conscious world, there is perhaps the most information out there about food and its benefits, but also the most confusion. With so much choice available and so many diets out there shouting about things like clean eating and macros, it can be difficult to find and prepare food that’s delicious and has real nutritional benefits.

Our subject allows students to keep abreast of topical food and environmental issues, as well as, safe food preparation.

Food Preparation and Nutrition at Henlow is a highly enjoyable, creative subject where practical activities are a central part of learning. We aim to inspire and challenge our students to try out new skills and encourage confidence and independence.  Personal organisation and an ability to plan and think ahead are essential qualities that we work hard to develop. Students are encouraged in lessons to make decisions, think independently and evaluate their work. Resilience and problem-solving are essential skills for making excellent progress and enabling students to reach their full potential. We want everyone to be proud of their achievements in Food Preparation and Nutrition which not only allows them to express their creativity but also equips them with crucial life skills.