How to Help


All of the members of the PTA Committee are volunteer parents and teachers who happily give up their free time. We do still need extra help at events, fact, in the past, discos have nearly had to be cancelled because there were not enough adults to allow them to run safely and legally.

So how can you help, and how many hours will you need to commit?

Well, the Committee aims to meet once a month to plan events; the meetings only take around two hours. Outside of these, individuals will make time, when convenient for themselves, to undertake the actions they have been allocated, such as organising suppliers and venues, buying refreshments, gathering raffle prizes, counting cash etc.

If you don't want to become a Committee member, there is still LOTS you can do: for example, at a disco, we need six parents to supervise the hall, stage and lighting and a further six - at least - to help with refreshments. At the Fun Run, we need eight marshals and several time keepers. At the Quiz Evening we need ten people to lay out tables, organise the raffle prizes and run the bar. Some of this work is done in advance of the event, the rest on the day.

In other words, whatever your available time and energy we can find some job for you!

Additionally, if you have any special skills - or know someone who does - such as Quiz Master or Disc Jockey, or have access to a venue that could be used for fund raising (e.g. for a Barn Dance) then we would definitely like to talk to you.

So, whether you have fund raising ideas or would like to help at any events, please get in touch with the School, PTA Secretary or any of the Committee members; You never know, you may have some fun as well as contributing to the School!

To get in touch, please contact us via the school or email us:

PTA Email: