Key Workers Form

19th March 2020

Dear parents/carers

I am sure you will all be aware of the announcements that were made yesterday in light of the next steps for schools during this era. I'm writing an email about a type of school closure that I never thought would happen and about which some questions still remain. However, it is urgent that we share our planning with you now in order that our community can be supported through the coming weeks and onwards if necessary.

For those pupils who will be at home during this time we have prepared materials that are available both on-line and in some cases on paper. The activities we are encouraging do include some more traditional school work but also a focus on ensuring our children are able to access fun and intriguing possibilities during this difficult time.

The government have yet to publish a list of key workers but we attach a possible list in order that we can begin to see how many pupils may need a place. I will provide more details of the new arrangements once we have an idea of pupil numbers. WIth this in mind, can you complete the attached form as quickly as possible if you are a key worker.

I will be updating everyone throughout the next two days and wish to thank you for the understanding you have all shown as we try to offer what our community needs..


Kind regards

Mrs Earp
Head Teacher