WiFi Free Wednesday

As the name suggests 'Wi-Fi Free Wednesday' is an opportunity to have less screen time, focus on other pursuits and explore learning in a different way, as well as to consider aspects of well-being. There will only be two lessons posted for each year group [Year 5 history/geography and assembly:  Year 6 history/geography and assembly:  Year 7 history/geography and computing:  Year 5 history/geography and PE], during the remaining time children will be encouraged to pick an activity or two from the grid overleaf.  They will then be encouraged to share with their tutor what they have been doing, including sharing photographs.  We will try and avoid scheduling 'live sessions' on Wednesday, however
sometimes this is unavoidable due to staff commitments throughout the remainder of the week.  It may be the case that your child has opportunities to work away from the screen at other times during the week.

We aim to update a new grid each fortnight and would welcome ideas from children and parents alike to include in the next suggested grid. The grid is a suggestion only, some children may have other hobbies and interests which could be completed as an alternative, such as: music lessons, instrument practise, crocheting, knitting, painting, fitness training, reading.