School Council

The School Council provides a forum where children have a voice, and an opportunity to express their opinions on various issues, including suggesting ideas to make the School even better. One or two representatives are chosen from each class to be on the School Council. There are several different roles within the Council, such as the chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer, secretary, VLE editor, newsletter editor and website editor.

The Council meets every Tuesday lunch time to discuss the issues that are presenting themselves and to consider how to deal with them, as well as talking about further improvements that could be made. Last year, the School Council decided to choose an annual charity that they would raise funds for each year. It was agreed to raise money for ‘Help for Heroes’ for our first year and we raised a grand total of £493.62. This year, we are going to raise money for ‘Water Aid’ and are currently planning how we will go about this. We also hope to help Casuarina House in Utange, Kenya with their need for a regular, clean supply of water. Recently, we had a Skype session with the children in Utange and it was so interesting to make this connection with them and we want to keep the link going in the future.

The School Council has had a major impact in recent years, with such initiatives as the introduction of water bottles in class, an E-Free Week, removal of the fizzy drinks machine, introduction of a healthy eating tuck shop, improved school meals, review of the Code of Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy, transport to school and a focus on waste and recycling with a Green Fortnight. Last year, we raised money to buy parasols for the patio area to keep children safe in the sun. This year, we have asked all pupils to complete our poll on the VLE to tell us what they would like us to raise money for – new benches, a trim trail or new playground equipment.