Consultation to Extend Age Range

1st May 2019



Dear Parents/Carers


I am pleased to be writing to you regarding a significant positive opportunity for Henlow Church of England Academy. You may recall that Central Bedfordshire Council made the decision in August 2018 to support a collective move towards a two tier system of education. This system will include primary and secondary schools rather than the lower, middle and upper school structure that we are currently part of. 


On May 7th 2019 we will begin the consultation process necessary to gather views relating to Henlow Academy's proposal to become a secondary school. It is our intention to seek views on the proposal for our current year 7 pupils to remain at Henlow CE Academy to continue their education in years 9, 10 and 11. All other year groups will then follow in the same way, taking their GCSEs and completing their Key Stage 4 education at Henlow CE Academy.


As the area moves towards a new structure it is inevitable that flexibility will be required and we will support this process by accepting cohorts into years 5 and 6 until primary schools are ready to accept all of the pupils in our locality.


We are excited by the possibility of extending our approach across the secondary age range, preparing pupils effectively for their future lives through our values and Christian ethos and focusing on the development of fully rounded individuals at key stages 3 and 4.


We will become the only secondary Church of England school in the area and have the full support of the Diocese of St Albans in preparing for this extension of age range.


We very much hope that you will also support our endeavours and details of the consultation process will follow as it begins next week.



Yours sincerely




Mrs C Earp

Head Teacher