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Pupil Premium

Since April 2011 the Government has provided schools with funding, called the Pupil Premium. This is based on the number of children who are entitled to one or more of the following; are free school meals, are a member of a family in the Armed Forces or are registered as being a Looked After Child. The funding formula for each category is different.

The purpose of the funding is to help support schools in their work in supporting children’s learning; social, emotional and behavioural needs; enrichment beyond the normal curriculum; and family/community needs. Evidence shows that many children classified as Pupil Premium are often disadvantaged with their education and would benefit from additional support.

Schools are able to choose how to best spend this money in order to support individual and groups of children, according to their specific needs. It is not the case that a specific amount of money must be spent on a particular child.

Spending 2016/2017

In 2016/2017 the School received £95,000. This sum of money has provided a valuable contribution towards our annual costs and planned expenditure on supporting disadvantaged children. In the academic year 2016/2017 just over 20% of our pupils were classified as Pupil Premium children.

See the Pupil Premium spend 2016/2017

Pupil Premium Attainment and Progress Data (2016-17)


Year 6 SATs

As a result of various teaching initiatives and use of Pupil Premium funding, (as documented on the PP Spending) the Year 6 reading attainment for the number of pupils reaching the Expected Standard or above for Pupil Premium (Vulnerable Pupils –does not included Forces Pupils) was above the rest of the cohort.

All Non PP (inc SCE) PP (FSM, FSM6 and PLAA)
Expected Standard and Above 77.23% 77.78% 81.25%


  • PP – Pupil Premium
  • SCE- Forces Pupils
  • FSM- Free School Meals Pupils
  • FSM6 – Ever6 Pupils
  • PLAA – Post-Looked After Adopted Pupils

For a further break down of Disadvantaged pupils results please see Pupil Premium Strategy Document 2017/18.

You can also access further information through the DfE.

Year 8 Exit data 2016/17

The impact of provision from the Pupil Premium plan can be seen in the progress the pupils make over the 4 years they are at Henlow Academy. Through analysis of the 2015 cohort Year 8 exit data (for the pupils at the school for the whole 4 years) the FSM/EVER6 pupil’s progress was above their peers in Reading and Writing. In Maths, Reading and Writing the progress for Pupil Premium pupils is well above the National Expected Progress. Further evidence regarding attainment of Free-School Meals pupil’s can be seen for Free School Meals on the hyperlink below.

As a Middle School our focus is on the progress of pupils while they are at the school. We are very proud of the progress all our pupils make during their time at the school but are particularly proud of the progress our Pupil Premium pupils make.

See the impact figures for Year 8 for the 4 year journey


Spending and Work

The school is in the process of developing a new way of tracking projects and their impact on individuals. This will allow greater analysis of the success and impact of projects. This will also include tracking individualised spending on pupils and the impact this brings. Each Pupil Premium child has a provision map that is created to track intervention and impact of interventions and support. This is reviewed at 3 points throughout the year (Autumn, Spring and Summer).

Guidance from government on how to spend the money directs schools to look at the Educational Endowment Foundation Teaching and Learning Toolkit (more information can be found https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/resources/teaching-learning-toolkit ). This toolkit helps schools decide where is appropriate to spend their funding – by apportioning costs and months impact a particular initiative can have. At Henlow we have used this to decide how the money is spent. The impact in months can be seen on the provisional spend document for the year. A large proportion of the money is being spent directly on Teaching and Learning, as the EEF toolkit advises that the biggest difference that can be made to pupils’ progress and development is in the classroom.

Quite often the impact of specific interventions that Pupil Premium money is spent cannot be measured numerically through progress and academic achievement. For some pupils there may be social and emotional barriers. For the year 2017/18 we are using a programme that will numerically track pupils’ feelings towards school and learning as well as how they feel socially and emotionally. By providing appropriate training for staff, employing a School Counsellor and Pastoral Intervention Leader, the school provides support and encouragement that allows pupils to feel safe and able to access learning. This package should help us in some way to measuring this impact.

The school welcomes and values parental involvement and suggestions. At the beginning of the year parents are sent a letter explaining Pupil Premium Funding and how it is spent. The letter also includes a section where Parents can make choices for their child on the way part of the money is spent or make suggestions.

If they have any further suggestions they can make these to their child’s form tutor or directly to Mrs Gregory at

Email: jgregory@henlowacademy.org.uk (Progress Leader – Pupil Premium).

See the Pupil Premium Review 2016/17 and Strategy 2017/18

Service Children in Education

Purple Club Relaunch

The school has recently redesigned Purple Club. This is a club designed to support pupils with Parents in the Armed Forces. They meet regularly and take part in a variety of activities both in and out of school. There is a strong link to RAF Henlow where many of the pupils’ Parents are based.


As well as the support offered through Purple Club the School Counsellor and Pastoral Intervention Leader have a particular focus on monitoring the emotional well-being of Forces Pupils. Where necessary the pupils will see the Counsellor or Pastoral Officer either as a one-off or as an ongoing series of sessions.

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